JIANG Ruixiang

I am a final year undergraduate student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and my major is Computing.

Currently, I am doing research at CityU, Hong Kong with Mr. WANG Can under the supervision of Dr. LIAO Jing on scene stylization.

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My research interests primarily lie in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and the intersection between them, with a focus on Neural Rendering and Non-photorealistic Rendering.

AvatarCraft: Transforming Text into Neural Human Avatar with Parameterized Shape and Pose Control
Ruixiang Jiang, Can Wang , Jingbo ZHANG , Menglei Chai, Mingming He, Dongdong Chen, Jing Liao
under review, 2023
project page / code / arXiv

We leverage pretrained text-to-image diffusion model to generate neural avatar from text, which could be further reshaped and animated using SMPL parameters.

Nerf-Art: Text-Driven Neural Radiance Fields Stylization
Can Wang , Ruixiang Jiang, Menglei Chai, Mingming He, Dongdong Chen, Jing Liao
under review, (TVCG), 2022
project page / code / arXiv

We stylize implicit scene using pretrained visual-language models.

Leaning a Neural Radiance Field for Stylized Scene
Undergraduate Research and Innovation Project, 2022

We propose a NeRF-like structure to reconstruct non-photorealistic scenes by explicitly modeling toon-shading and model outlining.

Realtime Hatching Rendering
Course Project, 2021

A pencil-sketch style shader for Unity.

Research Internship
City University of Hong Kong
Full time, Jun 2022 - Aug 2022
Part time, Sep 2022 - Now
Awards Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholarship, 2021
Dean's List of Outstanding Students, 2021-2022
Dean's List of Outstanding Students, 2022-2023
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Scholarship, 2022

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